Get to know the product team

Welcome to ’Get to know’ where we ask some quick questions to someone in the Hireup community to get to know them better. This month we spent some time getting to know Grant from the product team. They are passionate about building human connections through technology and hopefully, this will give you some insight into their work and how they aim to build the best platform for you. Without them we wouldn’t be able to help build those unique connections on a daily basis


  • Start by telling us a little more about the product team


If you’ve ever wondered who built the Hireup platform, that’s us. We know we have an amazing community of people who all want to achieve their goals using Hireup. We want to be the team that understands our community better than anyone. It’s all about finding the solutions to solve problems or make the platform easier to use. If we can build the features that make Hireup the most accessible, simplest and safest platform possible, that’s really our ultimate goal. We know we’ve got a long way to go, but that’s our goal everyday.


  • What do you think defines the product team?


We work together really closely in a way that allows us to be flexible and adjust quickly on the go. It works well because our team is really collaborative and we’re all really open with each other. We’re all open and honest and that’s what we feel gets the best results as a team. I think it’s important that everyone has an equal contribution and we all feel comfortable to share our own ideas.


  • You often explain the technology of our platform by using the analogy of train tracks? Can you explain it one more time.


It can be tricky to explain what it’s like building an online platform, so I’ve been using the train analogy for a while now to help me. Firstly, you have to imagine that Hireup is the train and the tracks are all the features that make the platform work. When we’re making changes or building new features, we need to ensure there is enough track laid out in front of the train to allow for the improvements we want to make. So essentially, we want to evolve the technology on the platform to support the needs of our growing community and that’s about us trying to build new track and upgrade the existing ones.


  • And an important question backed by popular demand… when’s the app?


Going back to the train analogy, there are a few parts of the track we need to put in place in order to support the app first. It’s something we are all very eager to do and everyone on the team is super excited by it because we know that’s one of the most requested features from everyone on the platform… and from our staff at HQ.

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