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So far you, the Hireup Workforce have spent almost 3,500 hours completing modules on Hireup Learning. You’re a part of an incredible workforce that is growing rapidly and Hireup Learning is designed to support you in your role. The Hireup Learning journey began in January when we launched our Induction module, followed a few months later by our Working with Purpose and Working Safely modules.


Since then over 5,200 of you have completed an online module.


Hireup Learning is about giving you the tools to navigate your way around the platform, helping to build your confidence as a disability support worker and sharing information that is relevant to your role.


98.3% of you feel more confident in your role and responsibilities on Hireup as a support worker after completing Hireup Learning.


Hireup Learning currently begins with our online induction, which explores your role and responsibilities, how to stay safe at work and how to find great matches on Hireup. Once you have completed induction, our modules will explore effective individualised support through Working With Purpose and your safety and wellbeing in Working Safely.


As we’re writing this, Hireup Learning is evolving based on the feedback you’re providing, and what you want to learn next. We’re excited that in early 2019 we’ll be launching three new modules, that will be available to the entire Hireup community. Based on your feedback, these modules will be more interactive and innovative and will explore insights into behaviour support and responding to and reporting abuse and neglect. Together, we believe that we’re building the foundations for the most unique, tailored and effective learning & development framework for disability support workers.

If you haven’t had the chance to begin learning, now is a great time to give it go.

If you need to finish your registration to get started, feel free to contact our support team for some help getting it finalised.

You can call (02) 9113 5933 or email hello@hireup.com.au

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