Get to know the community support team

Welcome to ’Get to know’ where we ask some quick questions to someone in the Hireup community to get to know them better. If you’ve ever needed to speak with someone at Hireup or received a phone call asking you about your experience, chances are you’ve spoken to one of the amazing people on our support team. This month we sat down with Matt, Jess and Amber.

  • How would you define the purpose behind the support team?


It is so hard to define it to one thing, everyday is different to the last. If I had to, I would say our purpose is to support every individual on their journey with Hireup.  We want people to be able to talk to someone about their role as a support worker, be able to ask us questions, big or small. We really want to offer genuine support and help our community explore how Hireup can work for them. – Matt


  • We have a big focus on safety and prioritising that for our community, what are the different things you and the team are doing to make sure our community is safe and supported?


A big part of safety and support is understanding the scope of someone’s actual experience on the platform. We have been checking in with our community and through the conversations we’re having, people often share if something is or isn’t working as they might like to or suggest a feature in the future… This gives us the opportunity to work with the product and tech teams to release updates to the platform that our community have been asking for.  We genuinely care about our support worker wellbeing, mental health and overall safety. It’s our number one priority and we’re constantly training and upskilling to help equip you in whatever way possible. – Jess


  • We know our support team are a passionate and empathetic bunch of people, but what is it that makes YOU passionate about being in the team?


The thing that makes me passionate is getting to connect with people. Lately I have been calling people to check in, see how people are going and find out what their experience is like or if I can help make it any better. I’ve had some pretty awesome conversations and importantly, it’s really valuable to know how people are using the platform. It’s the people in our community that really make Hireup what it is. – Matt


If I’m honest, I never thought I’d like being on the phones, but it has surprised me how much I love it.  I love bringing clarity to our community and genuinely helping people if they have frustrations or anxieties about Hireup. – Amber


  • A lot of organisations and online platforms have a support centre, but what makes Hireup’s support team different to others?


I think our team is pretty different to some, I would say the difference is we really acknowledge what we need to work on, we want every phone call to be answered right away in the right way. We use our own personal experiences as past and current support workers to help take necessary action, no matter how big or small the conversation. – Amber

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