Today we’re launching Hireup Scholarships – what does that mean?

On Hireup, we value our entire community more than anything. You, our support workers are valuable employees. Chances are you’re learning something new on every shift, whether that’s at your first meet and greet or whilst supporting someone you know really well. The Hireup workforce as a community is one that’s valued, and today we’re excited to announce Hireup Scholarships.

As an employer we know how important effective and relevant training can be for the community and we’re serious about providing great systems to deliver the learning opportunities you want and need. We’re committed to developing our workforce, providing access to the best training across the sector.

Hireup Scholarships are the newest edition to the Hireup Learning framework. The current framework includes multiple online modules (Induction, Working With Purpose and Working Safely) and Hireup Sessions. By building on fundamental skills, Hireup can become a career that provides growth and value to our workers.

In March 2018 we began trialling the concept of Hireup Scholarships, offering workers the opportunity to complete the Mental Health First Aid certificate at a fully subsidised rate. Given the success of this trial, and the positive feedback we received from the workers who participated, we’re excited to now launch this to our entire workforce.

How does Hireup Scholarships work?

Although this concept is still very much in its early stages, we’d like to provide active, engaged and committed support workers who have completed 500 hours of support work on Hireup the opportunity to complete the Mental Health First Aid certificate with us, at no cost. Once you reach the milestone of 500 completed hours, we’ll send an application to complete and if successful, you’ll be notified when we’re hosting a course in your region.

Why Mental Health First Aid?

From speaking with our community we asked what it was that people wanted to learn. There was an overwhelming interest in mental health and mental health first aid. We also believe that mental health first aid training courses provides the skills to make meaningful impact in people’s lives.

Access more information about this course.

What if I’ve already completed 500 hours on Hireup?

We have an incredibly active workforce and there are a lot of you who would’ve already completed 500 hours of support work, you will be receiving an email following offering you the opportunity to apply straight away.

What’s next for Hireup Scholarships?

At Hireup, we will aim to grow and evolve Hireup Scholarships over time. We’re already planning the next round of Hireup Scholarships to be released and can’t wait to share more learning opportunities soon. The Hireup workforce is one that empowers you to find value and purpose in your career, providing you with opportunities to learn and develop your skill set, where we help you achieve your goals. Because without you, we can’t be us.

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