Get to know with the Learning and Development team

Welcome to ’Get to know’ where we ask five quick questions to someone in the Hireup community.

Support worker and Hireup Learning and Development Manager Dom Greenwood has spent the last year investing in our support worker community, creating learning and development modules, as well as spending his downtime DJing at various weddings, discos and community events. We caught up with ‘DJ Dom’ to learn a little bit more about what he’s been doing during his time at Hireup.


  • What are you currently working on?

We’re excited about so much within the L & D (Learning and Development) team. For the last few months we’ve been working on introducing a monthly webinar series for our community called Hireup Sessions. Where we discuss the most important issues you and our community have raised. Our next session will be on the NDIS, and you can always catch up on past sessions via our Youtube channel. We’re also excited to announce a new initiative, called Hireup Scholarships. Aimed at giving learning and development opportunities to anyone who’s completed 500 hours of support work.


  • Why does Learning and Development matter?

We’re serious about providing our workers with great learning tools and opportunities to upskill in a range of areas. From listening to the Hireup workforce, it’s clear they’re excited about learning more and growing in their work. We love the idea of building with our community, for our community and taking our workers along with us on this incredible journey that we’re on.


  • You’re also a support worker on the platform, can you tell us what that’s been like?

In a nutshell, I love being a support worker on Hireup. I was super nervous going out to my first meet and greet as this was something totally new for me. I was quick to realise that by asking the right questions and being yourself can lead to some pretty great support relationships. I also have some pretty epic shifts booked in, including going to a music festival!


  • How does being a support worker change your perspective on the work you do in L & D?

Being a support worker is really a unique opportunity to assist someone in achieving their goals and aspirations and ultimately living the life of their choosing. You gain a deep understanding of the challenges that exist for the team and I feel like this perspective has fuelled my determination to improve everything we do. Little things like knowing what it’s like to go out to your first ever support shift and how that can feel, makes me want to ensure that we’re building processes and products that support each new worker who joins Hireup.


  • Tell us about your vision for Hireup Learning and Development

Our dream for L & D is bigger than what we’re busy creating at the moment. We want to create tailored learning and development experiences that are crafted for each and every support worker, based on the way they’re using Hireup. This will evolve as the technology we’re using evolves and we hope that each person’s learning journey will be unique to the support they’re providing, who’s on their team and the experience they have. No two people are the same, so their learning experiences should reflect this. For now we’re excited to test out new, exciting and accessible projects as they arise.

If I could put the dream into one sentence, I would say the dream is to have all of our support workers involved, engaged and excited, just like we are.

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