Hireup and the Disability Sector Scale Up program

Hireup partners with disability sector scale up program

To the Hireup community,

I’m excited to announce that Hireup has been selected to partner with the NSW Government as part of the Disability Sector Scale Up program over the next year.

The program, also known as the DSSU, is part of the NSW Government’s work to ensure the long term sustainability and viability of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The program aims to assist people with disability and their workers in local communities, as well as the providers who support them, to make the most of the NDIS roll out. This will be done by focusing on a few key areas for growth across the sector, including providing support to organisations that have the potential to make a big difference in the community.

To be recognised as one of these organisations is an exciting milestone for us and goes to the heart of what we are trying to do. From day one, Hireup has been built with the understanding that empowering people with disability to make their own choices and to exercise real control is the best way to provide effective and efficient services in our community. It’s exciting to know that the NSW Government sees as much potential in this thinking as we do and is backing us to support more people across the state.

The partnership, which will run across the next 16 months, will enable Hireup to expand its innovative new service into Western Sydney, where there will be over 16,000 NDIS participants by 2019. The funding agreement, which will take the form of a grant of $1.35m through the DSSU program, will help us to expand our impact much more quickly than we could have done alone, offering it to more people across the state, more quickly. One of the reasons I’m excited and inspired by this, is for the example it sets for how governments can play a major role in supporting innovation within the NDIS eco-system.

Hireup has a unique approach to connecting people with disability and support workers. We were founded on the belief that people should be empowered to take control for themselves. To choose when, where and how they are supported, and who provides that support. Our model is a first for the Australian disability sector and it’s really working. Since our launch in 2015, Hireup has registered over 15,000 users, facilitated more than 4,000 unique support relationships and saved our users over $2.6m in NDIS funding.

But while this partnership is a testament to the Hireup approach, it’s also a sign of the impact our community of Hireup users is having on the way the Government thinks of disability support. Our success wouldn’t be possible without this group of early supporters. By simply adopting, using and improving the Hireup model with their feedback, we have proven together that new, innovative thinking can create real and practical outcomes for people with disability. That by reimagining how people access and manage support, we can create better outcomes for our community and our sector.

There’ll be heaps to learn along the way about the new and creative ways people are structuring their supports. Insights that will paint an interesting picture of what a viable and effective support ecosystem and NDIS could look like for Australia. We’re excited to share these learnings with our growing community and the Government so that we can all benefit from a stronger, more sustainable and supportive sector.

If you’re in the Western Sydney region and would like to get involved in Hireup in some way, whether that’s as a user, worker or community advocate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

I’ll be talking more about what the DSSU is, why it’s so exciting and how others can get involved over the next few months so stay tuned. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey and our learnings with you as we go!


CEO and Co-founder, Hireup

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