New worker recruitment in Northern Sydney!

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Australia’s disability workforce needs to double to around 150,000 people by 2020 to meet the demand of the NDIS.

In NSW alone, the NDIS is pegged to create close to 30,000 extra jobs in disability support.

These numbers are big targets but more importantly, right now they’re big challenges. Ones we’re excited to be tackling head on. Starting in the Northern Sydney region.

Over the next month we’re running a worker recruitment campaign in Northern Sydney. This is going to include a huge number of things, including hosting events and meeting with as many people as possible.

But the beauty of Hireup is that it’s not just built by us, for you; it’s built by all of us, together. We’re not just growing a workforce of disability support workers; we’re building a community connected by its experiences, skills and interests. We envisage Hireup as a way for people with disability to find workers who fit their needs and share their interests, and as a way for workers to work locally, work with purpose and work on their terms. That might sound like we’re promising the world, but we don’t mind. We like to dream big.

It’s going to take a whole lot of learning, listening and doing. There’s a bunch that we are doing but as a Hireup community member, there are a few things you can do too.

Here’s what we’re doing in Northern Sydney.

  • Hosting local events for new workers to hear about Hireup and ask their questions, the next one is here:
  • Offering more than 50% off CPR courses on the Northern Beaches, sign up here:
  • Free Police Criminal Record Checks! That’s right, 100% off. If you’re signing up in Northern Sydney email and we will point you in the right direction.
  • Running our Worker Referral Program for current Hireup support workers to refer a friend (for a bit of a bonus), if you’re a worker keen to be involved email
  • Meeting with universities, student groups and training colleges that are choc-a-block full of budding health professionals, if you are part of a group that you think we should be talking to email
  • Connecting with local health practitioners, community centres and sports groups

Here’s what you can do as someone seeking support in Northern Sydney.

  • Recruit people from your networks! It could be anyone you think would make a great support worker (which is the nicest kind of compliment) – a family friend, neighbour, postman or librarian… think outside the square, experience in disability support isn’t always necessary!
  • Contact us if you are part of, work at, or know of a group or organisation that would be interested in hearing about Hireup. For brochures about us or to arrange one of our team to come and visit, email
  • Do a poster run. If you can think of somewhere in your local area that has a notice board or would be a great catchment for new support workers, let us know at and we’ll send you stacks of Hireup posters and flyers
  • And last, but by no means least, share this post!

If you’re reading this and you don’t live in Northern Sydney, never fear, we’re tackling the challenge area-by-area and we’ll be on our way to you soon!

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