The Hireup Academy – our new e-learning and training platform

Hireup Academy launch

Big news – today we launched our new e-learning and training platform, the Hireup Academy. The Academy is going to provide our home care and support workers with essential training opportunities for everything from induction right through to continuing professional development. We’ve partnered with training specialists, People Plan, to develop the Hireup Academy and are excited that it’s finally here.

We know how important good training can be and as an employer, we’re serious about providing our workers with a great system to deliver the learning opportunities they want and need.

The Hireup Academy includes induction material, essential training modules and continuing professional development opportunities. Its targeted content and easy online access have been designed with the same agile and innovative practices that are at Hireup’s core. Our workers will only ever receive relevant training based on how they use the platform.

The Academy lays the foundation for quality support but is only one part of properly equipping our workers. It is complemented by on the job training in the workplace, directed and informed by the people receiving support. They’re the best people to show a worker what effective support looks like for them.

Finally, we’re developing partnerships with state-based training organisations to give our workers access to the best accredited and non-accredited training across the sector.

All together, we strongly believe this combination means we can take responsibility for the safety of our community without getting in the way.

Hireup’s training system gives our users the tools to navigate their way around the platform and community with confidence, while reinforcing the components of our workplace health and safety guidelines. The Hireup Academy is still in it’s early days and at this stage we’re piloting the system with a handful of our workers. Having their input is key – our system will only be effective if it is built in a way that people actually use it. Following the pilot, we’ll be making it available to the rest of our community.

So this is just the beginning. When we think about the future of effective training for disability home care and support workers we’re buoyed by the potential for innovative, creative new solutions to revolutionise a system that has historically been cumbersome in its one-size-fits all approach. We know how important it is to build a system that equips people for the support they are actually providing, rather than burdening them with irrelevant information and draining precious resources to get it to them.

For anyone else out there tackling the same issues, come and see us! Together, we could crack the training nut for the Australian disability sector.


  1. Good on you. I just saw the 7:30 report…what a brilliant concept “hireup” and we’ll done to the team.
    I have an autistic son and wonder about how he will be supported to live independently. I think there is so much potential in your idea regarding transitions to independence. I have 20 years of practice and senior management experience in this sector. I would be happy to volunteer my time and services to promote this concept. I am also living in Cairns and work across the region.

    Yours sincerely
    Damien Knight

    • Hi Damian,
      Thanks for the kind words. So glad that what we’re trying to do resonates with someone with your experience and exposure. We’d love to get in touch with you to chat more about the sector in Cairns. Please call us on (02) 9113 5933 or email on [email protected] and ask for Poppy, our Community Engagement Manager. We’ve been looking for help with QLD!
      Thanks again!

    • Hi Damian,
      Following on from your comment last night, we put together a how-to guide for people who are keen to help us develop new Hireup communities. We received such a positive outpour of people asking how they can help to promote us, we put this guide together. If you’re keen to be involved once you’ve read this, please feel free to contact Poppy as mentioned!

  2. I saw program on abctv last night about hireup. Very impressed.I have been working in Perth with people with disabilities for over 15 years and currently studying to be a educationalist through csu and have my cert 4 in training and would be only to happy to share what i have lamesrnt with others.

    • Hi Craig,
      Thanks for getting in touch after seeing the piece on ABC last night. Sounds like you’re an experienced and well qualified support worker. We’d love to have you join the Hireup community. If you’re thinking about it, feel free to register and create a profile here: If you have any questions as you go through, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

      We don’t have a community presence in Perth at this stage but we’re definitely looking to grow it. We put together a short guide for anyone that’s keen to help us build new Hireup communities here:

      We would love your help to spread the word about Hireup in Perth. As someone with 15 years experience in the sector you would know a think or two about how best to connect with the community!



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