A great surprise from Hireup worker, Joshua

Update from Hireup worker.

Earlier this month we received an email from one of our home care and support workers, Joshua. As one of our newer recruits, Joshua was emailing us with an update about how he is going as a Hireup worker. It is the first instalment of what he has self-titled “Joshua’s E-News”. It was such a great surprise to find in our inbox and so full of happy news that we thought we’d share it with the rest of the Hireup community too. We’re pretty stoked to know that Joshua has been able to find work that he loves so much through Hireup. Enjoy!

Dear Hireup HQ,

*Two months in – my thoughts*
It’s past my two-month mark with Hireup and energy levels are still as high as ever. Absolutely loving it. Now that I’ve been working with a variety of companions I feel like I’ve been engaging in high levels of growth. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow as different skills are used to provide support to the people I’ve been caring for. I love being adventurous and therefore I’ve been travelling to places both near and far to engage in support work. Being around different communities and environments gives you a variety of positive inspirations to take home.

*Buddies I’ve encountered and working with*
A sum up of the best bits about my Hireup work:
–  I’ve been able to go through periods of growth with some people that have helped me with the other buddies I’m now supporting;
–  I’ve come across some very supportive families who have taught me a variety of caring skills – tube feeding, transfers and more;
–  I’ve learnt a whole lot about supporting a person with Autism, which I’m grateful for; and
–  I have just put plans in place to become study buddies with a new person through Hireup.

All in all, it really feels like we are a connected community!

Throughout the period leading until now, I noticed that most of the people who I support love the water as it’s great therapy for them. So I picked up a course and completed the Bronze Medallion and Pool Lifeguard Cert. via the Royal Life Saving Society Australia which has been so helpful for water-based therapies.

Hopefully this will add sprinkles to your table seeing as you guys certainly work hard there behind the scenes.


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