The NDIA changes its Terms of Business for greater choice and control

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In a recent blog post, we explained our decision not to register with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) as a “Provider of Supports”. In a nutshell, the NDIA placed restrictions on how much people with disability can pay their support workers and we didn’t agree with it. While we strongly believe in building a safe and fair system, we felt that limiting the amount a person is able to pay their worker would unnecessarily limit their choice and control.

We’re excited to let you know that the NDIA has since changed its Terms of Business to address this. Self-managed participants can now choose their own rate of pay. This gives us cause for celebration because it gives people more flexibility in making their own decisions.

As always, we will continue to maintain a base rate for support work that both properly values our workers and allows Hireup to be affordable. This change just means people using Hireup who self-manage through the NDIS will have fewer restrictions.

Registration with the NDIS is done by state and we’re currently working with NSW and ACT representatives to become registered. We hope this will be finalised in the next month. We’ll then be working with the NDIA to become registered in the remaining states.

We’re grateful to the NDIA for addressing this issue. They heard what our community had to say and worked to find a solution. To learn how Hireup and the NDIS work together to help you, register for our upcoming webinar on Monday, 11 July at 7.30pm (approx. one hour in length). Register your attendance here.

Or if you have any questions in the meantime, contact our team via or on (02) 9113 5933. And if you’d like more information about paying for supports with NDIS funding, this blog post might help.


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