We’re live! Check out our new branding

You might notice we’ve made a few changes.

Namely a new logo, colour scheme and website but these changes are more than just a lick of paint. They’re symbols of a new chapter for Hireup. They represent the next step on our journey to revolutionise the way Australians with disability find, hire and manage their own support workers.

Over the last few months we’ve put a lot of time into exploring the way we share our values and talk about our work. We’ve thought long and hard about what makes good support work great. And with your help and feedback we think we’ve come up with a cracker!

Here’s the crux of it: relationships aren’t forged by credentials. And finding the right support work is about finding the right relationship, which isn’t always straight forward or easy. We’re all different, after all. We all have our quirks, our idiosyncrasies and our contradictions. We can’t be qualified.

But we can be connected. We can find people who share a quirk or two. A thought, a feeling, an idea.

At Hireup we believe in the magic of beginnings. The pop, the spark, even the bang of two people connecting, and the power of that connection to transcend barriers and ignite lasting relationships.

All it takes is some common ground.

So we’re combining easy-to-use technology with thoughtful communication to bring people together. To give people with disability and support workers the tools to manage their own relationships. To talk about support work in a way that engages people beyond the disability sector. And to set a new precedent for how we engage and build effective support work relationships.

But the best bit is we’re not reinventing the wheel. We’re just speaking out on what we know to be true – the power of human connection is not just a Hireup thing, it’s a universal thing. It’s that simple.

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