About town: summer edition

Summer’s sizzlin’ sights are something to be savoured so don’t delay – find yourself a good match on Hireup and check out the following list for our pick of what’s on in your area!

If summer produce and a farmer’s market sound like your kind of Saturday
If you like seeing things first (in the southern hemisphere), especially touring-Turner-Prize-winning artists that go by the name of Grayson Perry
If you’re keen to get amongst Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival via adorable, miniature potted plants
If summer and surfing are synonymous for you
If you’re a young person who is often found wondering “If not me, who? If not now, when?” and you’re ready to change the world Because You Can
If a smoking ceremony featuring the NSW Public Schools Choir and Aboriginal elders sounds like a fitting way to celebrate Australia Day to you
If (although March is technically spring) you agree that the opportunity to celebrate pride and diversity at the Mardi Gras Parade is fit for all seasons

If you’re after free fun fit for the family in an arty kind of way
If your summer isn’t complete without a film screening beneath the stars
If spiders are more a fascination than a spook in your opinion
If you want to be inspired by variety and diversity on Australia Day this year
If you think exploring exhibitions by night (particularly the portrait type) adds a little magic
If you’re keen on gourmet samples and celebrity chefs
If ODIs, summer sun and a healthy dose of competition is your kind of summer cocktail
If you’re all lit up by the idea of a Chinese lantern parade

If you want to go head to head in a battle of (virtual) race cars
If you love stand up c(arr)medy
If “pyrotechnic prowess” sounds like your kind of spectacular
If you’re the musically adventurous type that loves the undiscovered potential of an open mic night
If your Australia Day means celebrating everything from the bush to the beach
If you like your markets with a twilight twist
If a little fertiliser-for-thought would help your food gardening efforts

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